Monday, 11 August 2014

Rehearsals "Strawberry Orphans" in Braunschweig #3

I`m Julia, the director of STRAWBERRY ORPHANS and I also did the research with my colleague Silke in Romania.

We just started the practical work in Braunschweig (Germany) with lots of improvisations and first scenic steps. One main challenge was the way to a common language on stage, which is now a mixture of Romanian, German and English. It is quite amazing to see that this is working.

For me, the most fascinating point of this project is the international exchange in aesthetics and intellectual approaches. Especially the hard discussions we had about justice, guilt and racism opened my mind. It should have been obvious, but the fact that we are people from one of the poorest and one of the richest countries in the EU really means connecting very different perspectives on the chances and risks of this whole European Union. For now it really feels like a very good chance to reflect on my own positions and doubt things I felt really sure about.

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