Thursday 14 August 2014

Looking older than you are?

The actors from Karlsruhe and Timisoara now....

The same actors a tiny bit photoshoped, and a tiny bit older...

Malte C. Lachmann, director of the play "The Clock is ticking" 

"Although we have finished our first three weeks of rehearsals in Karlsruhe and the theatre is on holidays now, the creative team's work doesn't come to a halt: We are busy preparing our rehearsals in Timisoara as there will only be two weeks left to put together the interactive theatre performance we started to create in Karlsruhe. And there is still a lot to do: Our playwright Peca Stefan has written more than three times the material it would normally need to put together a conventional theatre night as we will have the audience choose the scenes they want to see. That means a) each show will be unique and b) there are lots and lots of scenes for us to rehearse in order to have enough of them in stock. THE CLOCK IS TICKING and quite literally so.
So, finally, after three weeks we have managed to have a draft version of each of the scenes. The work itself was full of discovering the little and big differences between two theatre cultures (German and Romanian) during rehearsals and also whilst having a beer afterwards. Though, of course, there was not too much time to focus on that with all the scenes being rehearsed, rewritten and translated at the same time – a real inter-European creative chaos you might say. We are all thrilled to see where rehearsals will lead us as soon as we arrive in Timisoara and what it will be like to play with the reactions of a Romanian audience.

Now, without the rehearsals, there is more time to discover other meanings of the “Art of Ageing”, for example the art of ageing portraits of our actors on photoshop that will be projected throughout the show:"

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