Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Immersion into rehearsal

Glimpse of a dialogue between the actors of the production "Ich befürchte, jetzt kennen wir uns" (Theater und Orchester Heidelberg)

We have to be careful not to celebrate the sentences too much and by that give them just one meaning. That would be wrong.

You could compare that awareness of the language to the situation when you don't just produce a sound while singing but you listen to yourself develop that sound and you feel it and sing it out because you want to hear it.

One is exposed on stage and has to be careful not to fall off it. And while doing that, you have to say your lines and pay attention to how you say them and know what they mean and on top of that you have to play with the audience.

I am in a weird state right now. I can't say I have understood but I notice that there is something developing.

Sometimes emotions arise from the examination of the text while you say the words. For example, you start to cry because you notice that you ask "do you remember" three times and nothing happens.
If an emotion arises from somewhere else but the lines, we can just let that emotion happen if it fits the scene. That makes us sincere.

Learn to be in the moment more than just on stage - what is staged, what is the moment?

For me it is about the effort of making the unvisible visible.

We miss each other in the attempt of communicating and sharing. Speech is breath is body.
We are building a language.
We are banging against walls, verbally and literally.

We need to move our utopia from an island to the land.
An abstract utopia can't age.
Utopical ideas are more similar to maps than to tales.
Each figure has their own time.
Our economy of gazing. 
Affective presences. 
Hug machine   
The ship has to go over the mountain.
Do we have strange memories?
We are not animals in herds but hunters who hunt in groups.
Can the mountain grow so that the audience sits inside of it?
We are eating "snowballs" and "icecream", sticking ourselves to one another, we are melting and desolving, between all of that we are killing ourselves and afterwards our remains stood on the roots of the old maple tree that had been burried deep for a long time.

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