Thursday, 3 July 2014

Strawberry Orphans

Last year, Silke Merzhäuser and Julia Roesler, from the collective of artists "werkgruppe2" travelled to Romania to meet the team from the theatre in Craiova. They went together in Romanian villages where many families are tore part because of labor migration.

One interview is translated into English and will be use as a base for the theatrical work. 

My grandchild Marina said her mother is lying to her. She didn’t told her that she will be away such a long time and now she still isn’t come back.

Marina told me her mum will be beaten when she comes back – but now she still isn’t back.

It is terrible. There are four who are away, four of my children. One is in Scotland since eight years and one girl is in …eeehhh… not in Spain, but in … I don’t remember the country…

The mother of Marina and her aunt are in Germany. They also have been there last year and they are this year again.

They have the possibility to work somewhere and so they have to go.

Three months now.

Last year they have been away for two months and one week and now I’m wondering… They told us they are stopped till every work is done. I don’t know exactly…. They don’t know exactly… when they will come home. Till everything is picked clearly, but new strawberries were coming into…

I have no telephon. I do no phone calls. They don’t want me to talk at the phone because then everyone is crying.

The father of Marina is working at the marketplace, from 6 o’clock in the morning till 8 in the night. 750 lei – almost nothing … it isn’t even enough for the girl… We can live almost with nothing.

And here I am. I have land but I am not able to farm anymore. The women over the way, she is doing my laundry as I can’t do it. My back… I can’t walk anymore, my legs are not good anymore. Here I am - with the girl. What shall I do?

No, no. I‘m not in the mood for singing. I’m not in the mood for anything.

My biggest wish is that the children are getting jobs here so they can be with their kids in the evening. So that they don’t have to be always with me …. that would be the best. That would be even good for me. I’m 81 years old. My husband passed away 21 years ago. I stay on earth and 
I have to take care for everyone. I can’t walk anymore. It would be good, when I pass away suddenly. Then I wouldn’t have to watch my children having such a hard time. If they would find jobs in Romania, I could pass away und it would be perfect because I could pass away peacefully.

I will go to high school and then I will be a doctor. I told my grandmother I will bring her back to health and so she will never have to pass away…

I have a desire, I wish my mother would come home. She told me next time she will give me a present: a Monster High Barbie. The Barbie can tumble around.

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